GratuiTous has released Initial Serum Presets, a free soundset for the Serum wavetable synthesizer instrument by Xfer Records.

GratuiTous Initial Serum Presets

The pack includes a collection of 27 presets, including bass, plucks, leads and pads.

I have never used Serum before creating these presets, but always kept hearing it being talked about and seeing it in tons of YouTube videos. I eventually took the jump and bought Serum.

I usually like to give you guys a bunch of variety to use when I release presets, so this time around I designed some catchy bass sounds, plucks, leads, and pads!

There’s still lots for me to learn in regards to sound design as a whole, but as I keep practicing and releasing my free presets packs, hopefully that continues to teach me with the feed back from you! Let me know what you think!

The soundset is a free download from the GratuiTous website.

More information: GratuiTous / Initial Serum Presets