GSi has released version 1.4 of VB3, a virtual organ instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac.

VB3 is a virtual tonewheel organ which simulates an american electromagnetic organ of the old days, but it’s also capable of other simulations like the italian transistor organs of the seventies or the red-tolex organs played by famous pop bands of the sixties.

Changes in VB3 v1.4

  • Added new Rotary Speaker simulation derived from the code for the upcoming VB3 version 2.
  • Added option to choose the destination of MIDI CC# 64 (sustain, rotary switch or assignable).
  • Added new item in the DAT (ini) file for the CC# of rotary brake for the “2 controllers” option.
  • When the organ preset octave isn’t active, keys below the first C and above the last C play folded-back octaves.
  • When switching between organ presets something made the switching get slower over and over. Fixed.
  • When switching between organ presets while playing, an audible crackle was produced. Fixed.
  • Now the “Midi Learn” takes the correct Channel even when the Split is active.
  • Now the Split function leaves the pedalboard available on its own separate channel.
  • The pedalboard tapering is now correct (sub-harmonics were missing on some notes).
  • When the host saved a project, VB3 muted its sound and caused an audible click. Fixed.
  • Now programs and banks are saved as “custom chunks”.
  • Reorganized the .DAT file and renamed it to .INI and moved the .FXP .INI and .LIC file locations on Mac to the User Library.

VB3 is available to purchase as an instrument plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU) for 39 EUR.

More information: Genuine Soundware and Instruments / VB3