VST Buzz has launched a two-week promotion on the Nørdic Cello Kontakt instrument library by Have Audio.

Deep-sampled and superbly delivered by Parisian cellist Jean-Philippe Feiss, Nørdic Cello is a new sample library that offers total playability, hyper-realism and tons of creative applications that will make every musician, filmcomposer and music producer insanely happy!

Tons of articulations, from classic true legato, all kinds of pizzicatos and staccatos, tremolo up to unusual articulations, extended techniques and cinematic textures.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 6.5.2 or higher, Nørdic Cello is on sale for 39 EUR instead of 179 EUR until July 18th, 2023. Prices ex. VAT in EU.

More information: VST Buzz