Hbasm Stereoizer Pro

Hbasm has released Stereoizer Pro, an effect plug-in for Windows.

Mono compatibility remains a very important part of music production, because music is often played back in mono, or with a poorly reproduced stereo. Think about shops, workplaces and parties. There are a variety of loudspeaker setups. Many of them are less than ideal. Even a high-end surround system may come with only 1 loudspeaker for the bass (a subwoofer). This makes sense, because the human ear cannot distinguish the direction of the lowest frequencies anyway. But a professional audio production often has to shine in all these cases.

This Stereoizer works by adding a phase inverted chorus to the dry signal. Therefore it will be completely inaudible (and thus, mono compatible) when both the LEFT and RIGHT channels are mixed together, as is often the case in mono playback. It may however introduce flanging effects, when only ONE channel is available (either LEFT or RIGHT). This may be desired or not, so I advise you to always check how your production holds up under different circumstances.

Stereoizer Pro features

  • Filter section to greatly improve the usability of the effect, and you can avoid some pitfalls.
  • Complex feedback / delay chain to make the sound fuller.
  • Smooth, high quality LFO.
  • Supports different sample rates.

Stereoizer Pro is available to purchase for $12 USD. The previously released free Stereoizer plug-in is available to download as well.

More information: Hbasm