Audio Reward has released Headphase, a Kontakt instrument library that features 1,323 custom made samples inspired by Audio Reward’s love of nostalgic sounds.

The sounds of Headphase were inspired by Boards of Canada and specifically made for this instrument. Sounds can be controlled in many ways and blended to create sonically deep and lush textures.

On the surface you can start loading presets and playing Headphase instantly and you can get creative by turning a few controls to see what they do but Headphase goes much deeper than this.

It uses a new concept ‘Audio Design partials’ to give you access to various parameters while just moving one of 4 knobs. These will open up a world of new sounds. Move a ‘Partial’ knob and listen as the sound morphs and changes in various unexpected ways.

We wanted to make an instrument that could be used for rapid inspiration and for generating unique sounds very quickly.

Headphase features

  • Each voice includes filters (3 types), LFOs, vibrato, tremelo, 4 send effects, send amounts (using 5 effect options) and 4 insert effects (using 20 effect options) as well as over 80 voices, that can have volume, pan and tuning set independently.
  • Partials make it quick and easy to alter several core characteristics of the sound at the same time.
  • Gate Sequencer to add further movement to your sounds.
  • Drift control emulates the tuning inconsistencies/niceties of old(er) hardware instruments.
  • 157 handcrafted snapshots are included to get you started.

Headphase for Kontakt 5.7 or higher (full version) is on sale at Kontakt Hub for £17.50 GBP + VAT for a limited time (regular £25 GBP).

More information: Kontakt Hub / Audio Reward Headphase