H.G. Fortune The Dreammachine v2

H.G. Fortune has released The Dreammachine v2, a self running machine which can be transposed so this is ideal e.g. to provide backings of complex athmospheres and soundscapes for live performances.

New in The Dreammachine v2

  • XY-SuperModulation controls. Due to the XY controls the whole control system has been reworked and is providing now a far deeper and more efficient control on shaping the sound.
  • SF2 files updated (feature different wave sets).
  • 16 step note sequencer allows for MIDI keyboard input.
  • Integrated output sections with delay.
  • LFO X with 9 complex waveforms.
  • Several more enhancements.

The Dreammachine v2 is available for a special X-Mas price of 89 EUR (includes Xtra set OneShot sf2 file plus 32 more patches) until the end of the year, after which it will be available for the regular price of 119 EUR.
The update to v2 is free for registered users of The Dreammachine v1.x.

Visit H.G. Fortune for more information, demo videos and a link to download a free version.