Hollow Sun Novachord ReFill

Hollow Sun has announced the release of the Novachord ReFill, a soundset for Reason featuring the sounds of the legendary Hammond Novachord.

It comes courtesy of Reason maestro, Matt Black, who has done an astonishing job on this.

Hammond Novachord Refill for Reason & Record features

  • Classic Novachord — Here you will find the classic tones of the Refill, in Combinator format.
  • Esoteric Novachord — This folder contains Combinator patches with a modern twist, including layers, splits and FX.
  • FX Patches — Subfolders for all the FX modules used in the Combinators: Line 6 USB Pod Farm, Reverb, Scream, Thor Modulation Matrixes and Combinator FX.
  • NNXT Patches — All the tones saved in *.sxt format, plus additional subtle variants.
  • Novachord Amped [R+R] — Combinator patches with Line 6 amp tones for Pod Farm.
  • Format: Reason 4 ReFill, 24-bit/44khz samples.

The Novachord Refill is available to purchase for £50 GBP / 60 EUR / $80 USD. The Hammond Novachord library is also available in EXS-24 and Kontakt formats.

More information: Hollow Sun / Novachord