HV Synth Design SaxCollection

HV Synth Design has released the SaxCollection, an acoustic modeled instrument featuring a Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bariton Sax.

The instruments are based on a unique modeling method, called Eclectic Acoustic Synthesis (EAS), created with SynthMaker.

SaxCollection features

  • Very realistic Sax sounds.
  • Like real Saxes, you can ‘blow’ the models from very soft to very loud with an increment of brightness (the high frequencies become more and more prominent). This is done via modulation wheel or a breath controller.
  • Low CPU load: about 8.6% on a moderate PC.
  • Controls:
    • Breath Pressure: ModWheel or Breath Controller.
    • Breath Envelope.
    • Breath noise.
    • Vibrato.
    • Portamento.
    • 4 stage EQ.
    • Fine tuning.

The SaxCollection is available as a VST instrument for Windows and Standalone, and costs $179 USD.

Visit HV Synth Design for more information.