Hy2rogen has launched Toolbox Drum Hits, a sample pack featuring 2,500 EDM & Tech oriented one shot drum and percussion sounds.

Hy2rogen Toolbox Drum Hits

We’ve placed 2500 pristine multi-purpose drum sounds in this one, usable throughout a course of several genres including but not limited to: bigroom, tribal, progressive, electro, house, tech house, deep house, future house, bass house and beyond. These are the right tools to create your mainroom hit track but also to play around in the tech-tribal-house department.

You can never have too many drum hits in your personal library and these are a perfect addition as they are versatile and plenty to choose from.

Get down with head-crushing bigroom, electro, progressive and tech drum kicks, all you can eat claps, stacked claps & snares and classic to edm-type snares, hundreds of flavored hi-hats, cymbals and a percussion mayhem collection that comes labelled folders as follows: congas & bongos, light percussion, misc percussion and toms.

Toolbox Drum Hits features

  • 300MB+ content, 2,500 Wav files (24-bit/44.1kHz).
  • 400 kicks.
  • 800 claps & snares.
  • 400 hi-hats.
  • 800 percs.
  • 100 cymbals.
  • 200 EDM kicks.
  • 200 Tech kicks.
  • 200 single claps.
  • 200 EDM snares.
  • 200 Classic snares.
  • 200 stacked claps & snares.
  • 400 hi-hats.
  • 200 congas & bongos.
  • 200 light percussion shots.
  • 200 misc percussion shots.
  • 200 toms & lows.
  • 200 sampler patches (EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT, Halion).

The sample pack costs £19.95 GBP.

More information: Hy2rogen