HyperSynth XEditor

HyperSynth has released version 1.2 of XEditor, a freeware editor for advanced controlling over the Xenophone synthesizer in your DAW.

XEditor offers remote access to all synth engine parameters via MIDI messages (CC and NRPN). The GUI design is based on the hardware layout while keeping all the controls in a single-window system. Most of the knobs are equipped with helpful readout. Using this tool you can edit mod matrix and sequencer without any hassle.

Changes in XEditor v1.2

  • Now program name will be updated in hardware instantly after using “rename”, “update_edit_buffer” and “XNP file load”.
  • Added option for inc/dec program number 1 step.
  • Added option for disabling the load of prg/bnk number from editor preset.
  • Fixed program numbering issue which started from zero.
  • Fixed Arp range problem.
  • Fixed bug that caused update_edit_buffer malfunction in auto mode.
  • Updated new porta modes: “legato Scaled, Always Scaled”.
  • Updated new envelope trigger modes: “Analog2, #FootP”.
  • Now standalone and VST version load the same MIDI-IN device.

XEditor is available to download for Windows (VST/Standalone).

More information: HyperSynth / XEditor