Image-Line releases Autogun

Image-Line Autogun

Image-Line has released Autogun, a VST instrument plug-in based on the Ogun synthesis engine, offering more than four billion presets full of acoustic potential.

Autogun is based on the Ogun VSTi synthesizer that can produce exceptionally rich metallic and shimmering timbres, although it’s not limited to these sounds as Autogun will demonstrate. Ogun’s distinctive synthesis engine can generate more than 32,000 harmonics, modulated by high-level ‘harmonic mapping’ functions. These synthesis parameters have been put under the control of an artificial intelligence, patch creation algorithm, the reason Autogun can deliver such a huge number of great presets.

Every Autogun is set to start from a unique preset number, so that each Autogun user is assigned a personal starting preset-address, ready to explore. However, users can at any time, jump to a new location in the preset-space by simply entering a preset number.

With so many presets Autogun needs no programming, every sound is already somewhere ‘out there’ and just needs to be found.

Autogun features

  • Based on the Ogun synthesis engine.
  • Enhanced by the Soundgoodizer, (Maximus) engine.
  • 4 294 967 296 amazing presets to explore.
  • Preset number copy/paste field.
  • Preset up/down buttons.
  • Volume control.

Autogun is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit Image-Line for more information.


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Francisco C
Francisco C

I checked out the beta and it failed to impress me. It might have all those presets, but many of them sound the same. Any registered user of Ogun would point out how many more variations are to be had with the multi-stage envelopes and LFOs, and that step sequencer I haven’t got to yet. Also, Autogun doesn’t have that X-Y modulation pad of the other plug. Instead, it has the Soundgoodizer built in, and that’s why (with the filter, EQ, chorus, delay and reverb) many of the presets punish a single-core CPU. ;) The preset descriptions were funny sometimes…… Read more »