IMEA Groove Drums

IMEA has released version 1.1 of Groove Drums, a percussion sampler with pattern-based drum-machine engine for Windows and Mac.

Its architecture combines a sampler and an innovative tool which allows you to create easily and intuitively grooves and audio drums loops.

Groove Drums features

  • Pattern based drum machine engine, synchronized to a host sequencer.
  • Innovative tool for randomization.
  • Ability to create audio loops.
  • Drag & Drop patterns.
  • 8 channels. Ability to 8 independent outputs.
  • 16 patterns of 64 steps per channel.
  • Equalizer, insertions and effects sends.
  • Comes with Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Filter, Flanger, Limiter, Reverb and Overdrive.

Groove Drums for Windows and Mac (VST) is available to purchase for 48 EUR.

More information: IMEA / Groove Drums