Indossa has announced the release of Classic Synths for OP-Z, a collection of samples from some classic ’80s ‘odd-ball’ synths, programmed for the OP-Z multimedia synthesizer and sequencer from Teenage Engineering.

The pack also comes with some bonus 808 sounds and drum samples.

80’s Synth Waves programmed for OP-Z!

Mount your OP-Z in content mode and get dragging and droppin’

The pack includes:

  • 10 Casio CZ-101 Patches.
  • 10 Ensoniq SQ80 Patches.
  • 10 Yamaha TX81z Patches.
  • 8 Custom OPz/1 formatted kis (Ms20, SQ80, Tx…).
  • Bonus: 10 808 Bass Patches and 200 newly recorded drum samples in .wav.

The sound pack is available at a “pay what you want” price, including free.

More information: Indossa