Isotonik Studios has announced availability of ADM Keys, an Ableton Live Pack that contains an indispensable collection of piano and physical keyboard based instruments spanning material hand selected from a range of existing packs by Brian Funk during the AfroDJMac era.

Curated and organized by Animus Invidious of PerforModule for Isotonik Studios, the collection includes organic as well as electronic keyboard sounds, providing a luscious assortment of smooth, tasteful, classy keyboard timbres.

Pianos — Sources of the instrument notes includes real pianos, toy pianos, and quality synth presets designed to emulate piano physics. Most of these have a very rich, pristine, and straightforward sound, with notes that interact to form pleasant upper harmonics. If you want to evoke a plaintive, brooding, emotional feel, one of these Piano instruments might provide just the appropriate touch.

Synth Keys — This assortment is a mixed bag of sounds that are all well within the realm of melodic composition, but have a bit more of an “electronic” or “artificial” quality to them as compared to acoustic pianos. The variety of available tonalities is quite plentiful, with a kaleidoscopic array of timbres to select between. Keyboards can be second to none for filling in the rhythmic atmospherics of a song, especially when wide-panned in contrast to other instruments (for example, a keyboard on the left speaker harmonizing with a line that a guitar on the right speaker is playing). They also tend to be very amenable to being heavily processed with effects—moreso than other instruments, due to their inherent synthetic nature. Applying steep, bold EQ curves, hefty distortion, and deep washes of reverb can often sound perfectly fine with these instruments.

ADM Keys is available for purchase for £34.99 GBP.

More information: Isotonik Studios