JC Productionz Sonix VSTi

JC Productionz has released Sonix, a single-stream quasi-synchronous granulator.

Sonix buffers input audio and releases it in discrete grains of a specified duration, at a specified rate. Random variation can also be applied to the grain length and grain rate, and the grains amplitude can be shaped with six different envelopes.


  • Grain controls: Size(ms), Rate(ms), Link(ms), Size and Rate Variation
  • Pitch Shift and variation
  • Phase Shift
  • Wet/Dry mix
  • Pan
  • Gliss Allowance
  • Envelope Types: None, Sine, Gaussian, quasi-Guassian, Rectified Sine, Triangle, Trapezoid
  • Filtering-F Type: LowPass, PhatPass, FormPass
  • Cutoff/Resonance controls

Visit JC Productionz for more information and a link to donwnload Sonix VSTi.