Jeremy Evers Atlantis

Jeremy Evers has released version 0.9n of Atlantis, a freeware synthesizer VSTi and filter delay plug-in.

Jeremy writes:

Before I get to what is new, I need to mention an old feature that lots of people ask about. On any selection button (waveform, modulator, algorithm, file, program, etc.), you can right click to bring up a context menu. If you right drag vertically, you can scrub settings. This is much nicer than the prev/next buttons a lot of people ask for. Try it.

Changes in Atlantis beta v0.9n

  • fixed sample-and-hold mode for noise lfo
  • fixed old presets loading with wrong shapers
  • fixed number of voices selection
  • fixed polyphony cut-out bug
  • potential fix for keyjazz mode in buze, although it damages mousewheel support
  • now double-buffering all renders

Atlantis is available as freeware for Windows PC. Donations are much appreciated.

Visit Jeremy Evers for more information.