Joe's Rhodes II

Joe Real of Templo Do Som has released some updates to his (rompler) instrument and effect plug-ins for Windows.

New Templo Do Som plug-ins include Joe’s Piano II, Joe’s Rhodes II, Latin Percussion Module, and Miami Brass Module. These rompler instruments feature 44khz/16 bits samples, and a 3 band equalizer, reverb and delay are included.

Joe’s romplers are available to purchase as VST instrument plug-ins for Windows PC (standalone versions included), priced at 17.50 EUR each. A 10% discount is available when all 4 instruments are bought in a bundle.

Two additional instruments are planned for release in summer 2010; A Sax Module, and Joe’s Sample Reader.

Also available for purchase is The Bull, a bundle of 9 effect plug-ins (mono & stereo) with a “vintage look”. The Bull includes 2 equalizers, tremolo, simple delay, super delay, reverb, gate, limiter & compressor. The bundle is available to purchase for 50 EUR.

More information: Templo Do Som