Jomox Moonwind

Jomox has announced the Moonwind, an analog filter tracker.

Moonwind is a true analog stereo filter with built-in step sequencer, a fantastic sounding digital FX chip, two LFOs and envelope modulation. Everything is storable and controllable via Midi.

You can play the Moonwind like a synth by Midi notes and play melodies on the filters if they whistle in self-resonant mode.

The sequencer is able to control cutoff, Q and resonance per step and filter and thus turns the stereo filter with analog fed back effects into a creative instrument of its own.

This makes the Moonwind an easy-to-use and awesome analog sounding engine that is playable like a synth and can be seamlessly integrated into a DAW recording system.

The Moonwind is scheduled for release in April 2012.

More information: Jomox / Moonwind