K-Devices has announced the release of HEXO, a Max For Live device of deep and innovative composition tools to create, sketch, and/or variate harmonic, melodic loops and beats.

Edit and write MIDI patterns using six independent tracks in a highly editable brick-grid. Set probabilities for each step and let HEXO create variations on the fly or use the advanced random functions to create brand new rhythms and grooves.

HEXO provides advanced time settings per track, to easily go polymetric and/or polyrhythmic. Choosing between Arpeggio or Riff modes lets HEXO build harmony movements on top of your live played notes and MIDI clips – or just hit play and let HEXO do the whole job.

HEXO includes exclusive presets by sound designer Stèv (Stefano Fagnani), Ableton clips, and two instruments: the mellow, atmospheric Pluck and the acid stab Hyperism. The Max for Live device is available for the intro price of 24 EUR (regular 39 EUR).

K-Devices is also offering up to 50% off on its products until January 7th, 2020. The discounts are applied automatically in the cart.

More information: K-Devices