K-Devices has launched the new OOG Bundle, a collection of 4 “Out Of Grid” series Max for Live devices: MOOR, Twistor, AutoTrig and TATAT.

The OOG devices are designed to write music and control instruments and effects in a brand new way.

OOG tools offer unique features that will let you easily create incredible music figures.

Being their engines audio-driven, OOG devices bring sound synthesis and processing technics (as sync, phase distortion, etc) to modulation and MIDI sequences manipulation, opening to new exciting perspectives. OOG series lets you play with time as you never did it before!

These are killer devices for users that want to go wild with time signature, complex time, micro articulations, IDM and experimental music. But they are also so versatile and easy to handle: they will become best partners for users also when looking for catchy bass lines, the perfect beat, and groovy modulations!

To escape from the grid is just an option, it depends on you.

The OOG Bundle available for only 69 EUR until July 2nd, 2018 (regular 106 EUR). Requires Ableton Live 9.7.5 or higher, Max For Live with Max 7.3.4 or higher.

More information: K-Devices