Kilohearts has released a new graphic equalizer effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Carve EQ features 31-bands, innovative new tools, and loads of EQ profiles from famous songs to make sure you’ll get your desired results in no time.

Carve EQ is a powerful graphic equalizer, with 31 third-octave bands and a versatile interface. Stereo processing is possible with both Left/Right and Mid/Side modes. Carve EQ has a workspace centric user interface provides many options for how to edit the equalization curve. The EQ Match Tool can be used to automatically match the equalization to a reference track.

Carve EQ features

  • Precision all the way — The point selection tool lets you control single bands perfectly with clearly labeled axes. You can also select multiple bands at once and make exact changes where you need them.
  • More of a feeling — Carve EQ excells at letting you smoothly work with sections of the spectrum through the awesome “Sculpt tool” that adds a peak that you can drag around and modify easily.
  • Compare your work — Using others sounds or songs as a reference has never been easier. Choose from the factory profiles or create your own from any WAV file. You can also use a sidechain channel as a reference.
  • Match EQ — Do you like that special Taylor Swift sound, or the whole Surrender album by The Chemical Brothers? Simply steal the mastering of any audio and let Carve EQ apply it to your song in seconds.
  • Tired ears? — When EQing you can sometimes start having problems determining if your are actually making things better or worse. Use the A/B comparison tool to make your way forward.
  • EQ in stereo — Are you used to working in Left/Right, or Mid/Side? Either way Carve EQ present your work in a way that is intuitively understandable at a glance.

Carve EQ is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) priced at 79 EUR. It also works with Kilohearts’ Snapin hosts Snap Heap and Multipass.

More information: Kilohearts / Carve EQ