Kilohearts has announced a new software update for all of its plugins, including the flagship Phase Plant software synthesizer.

Hello! The three of us have been hard at work squashing bugs and developing new features for you. Mostly bug-squashing at this point BUT we have added some nice new things like AIFF support in Phase Plant and a new useful way to add effects modules. We hope you’ll like the new stuff!

This release addresses a number of bugs and adds some new goodies. If you have used our plugins in your projects, we always recommend that you bounce your tracks before updating to a new version. You can also roll back to previous versions via the installer if you need to.

Changes in v1.7.7

  • General:
    • Made it possible to add modules in the middle of a lane by holding down Alt on Windows or Command on Mac.
    • Visual improvements to lanes when moving modules around.
    • Disabled high DPI handling in DAWs that don’t explicitly ask for support of it.
    • Fixed a visual problem in v1.7.5 where modulation knobs would appear outside their scroll areas and clutter up the whole interface.
    • Better handling of high DPI/retina screens, especially on Windows.
    • Fixed an issue with modulation labels getting cut off in parameter context popup.
    • Fixed an incompatibility with older Mac OSX versions that prevented the plugins from being scanned by some DAWs.
    • Fixed effects doing nothing on mono tracks.
    • Fixed plugins not communicating the list of presets to the DAW in plugins that use VST preset banks (Faturator, Disperser, kHs ONE).
  • Phase Plant:
    • Added support for loading AIFF files.
    • Added Peak display to the master meter in addition to RMS.
    • Fixed a crash when adding empty keyframes in WT brush tool.
    • Fixed a tiny offset error in the dB scale of the master meter.
    • Fix for the sampler module playing back the sample with a few samples of delay.
  • Multipass: Fixed broken sidechain input.
  • Slice EQ / Carve EQ:
    • Made it possible to reset the frequency axis by double-clicking on it.
    • Fixed cut off label in spectrum dropdown in the status bar.
  • Disperser: Fixed spectrum analyzer not showing.
  • kHs ONE: Changed vendor string from “kiloHearts” to “Kilohearts” to be in line with our other plugins.
  • AAX:
    • AudioSuite support added.
    • Fixed bypass not working.
  • Audio Unit: Fixed a crash.

Existing users can update to the new version by simply running the Kilohearts installer and clicking ‘update’.

More information: Kilohearts