Kuassa Amplifikation Creme

Kuassa has released version 1.2.0 of Amplifikation Creme, a guitar amp sim effect for Windows and Mac.

Kuassa Amplifikation Creme’s three amp types and channels can give you a sonic arsenal from sparkling clean tones to searing guitar riffs, able to match the sound quality of high-end tube powered guitar amplifiers.

Changes in Amplifikation Creme v1.2.0

  • New: Input channel selector added.
  • New: Cabinet and IR loader stereo mode added.
  • IR loader bug on Mac PPC machine fixed.
  • Presets and banks are now cross-compatible for all machine types.

Amplifikation Creme for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for $24 USD +VAT throughout April, 2011 (regular $34 + VAT).

More information: Kuassa / Amplifikation Creme