KV331 Audio has released an update to the Synthmaster One easy to use wavetable synthesizer with an intuitive workflow.

Version 1.4.5 includes native support for Apple Silicon Macs, performance improvements and critical bug fixes.

Although it shares the same engine with its bigger brother SynthMaster, it comes with new features like wavetable synthesis. With its simple layout, rich wavetable/waveform content and inspiring factory preset library, designing new sounds with SynthMaster One is a real joy.

Changes in Synthmaster One v1.4.5

  • Native Support for Apple Silicon Macs.
  • Improved performance with many parts of the DSP code now using SIMD (vector) instructions (Resampling, FFT, Distortion, Chorus, Ensemble, Filter algorithms).
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One crashes when iPad skin is selected.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One VST is not recognized by Cubase 11 on Windows.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One generates crackles when running inside a DAW that uses variable buffer size (such as FL Studio).
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One crashes when arpeggiator generates notes lower than MIDI Note 0.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One crashes when license key file downloaded from KV331 Audio server contains invalid values.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One crashes when user closes and reopens the plugin window when a download is in progress.
  • Fixed: When a preset is saved under a sub folder under ‘Presets’ folder, the sub folder name should be interpreted as the bank name.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One can not get access token for Google Cloud services.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One might cause a crash while saving config file.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One might crash when the plugin window reopens while download is in progress for Online Presets.
  • Fixed: Preset Browser Banks list is not sorted.
  • Fixed: Modwheel and PitchBend are reset when the current preset changes.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST, AU and AAX), Synthmaster One is available for purchase at KV331 Audio and from distributor Plugin Boutique for $79 USD.

The update is free to existing users of the synth.