LapJockey Flatpack 3

LapJockey has released Flatpack 3, a ReFill for Reason 4 (which was previously announced and now is shipping).

Taking full advantage of Thor, RPG-8, and the enhanced Combinator, FP3 is tailor-made for Reason 4. You’ll find advanced drum machines and groove boxes, lush texture and pad generators, and hybrid synths of unprecedented clarity and depth.

Flatpack 3 features

  • Thor INIT sounds: Starter patches for classis synthesis
  • Boxmoor II: Sample and synth drum machine Combi
  • Element: Hybrid sample and synthesis Combi
  • Darwin: Evolving Layer Combi
  • REX DEX II: Groove Box and Loop Combis
  • 300+ Combinator Patches
  • 175 Thor Patches
  • 220+ REX Loops
  • 30 Redrum Kits
  • 440+ Drum Samples
  • 100+ NN19 Patches

Flatpack 3 costs £50 GBP and is available for Reason 4+. Visit LapJockey for more information and audio demos.