DinDrum Audio has announced a limited time promotion on the LEPLOOP sample pack featuring a collection of analog drum loops, offering a 50% discount through the end of May.

Originally released under the food4samplers label, the updated pack now includes 496 one shot hits, all recorded from an original LEPLOOP analog synthesizer groovebox.

The LEPLOOP is a tiny (2/3 the size of a TB303 or TR606) Italian made, analog groove-box with a quirky sequencer. The sequencer generates its melodies and synth lines by recording the sample and hold generator which samples the LFO or noise (basically storing voltages and playing them as a sequence of pitches) It also has a 4 track sequencer based on clock divisions that can be routed to various parts of the synthesiser section.

The LEPLOOP also has a dedicated Bass Drum Synthesiser called CASSA (granCASSA is Italian for Bass Drum). The bass drum loops are a feature of this pack and feature in the audio demo that was created only with loops contained in this pack.

Regularly $16 USD, the sample pack is 50% off with coupon code LEPLOOP at the checkout. The offer is valid until May 31st, 2022. You can also get a taste of the LEPLOOP pack with a “pay what you want” preview pack (from $1 USD).

More information: DinDrum Audio