Raising Jake Studios has announced the release of a new de-esser, enhancer and harshness controller effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Limited-S deviates from traditional compressor designs by using a linear phase filter to calculate sibilance levels rather than a typical attack/decay filter. This approach provides very fast, low distortion response while eliminating the need to fiddle with attack/decay settings to get acceptable results.

Limited-S uses a different approach than typical De-Essers, Dynamic EQs, etc. Limited-S does not use a tradition compressor-type Attack/Decay level detector. Instead Limited-S uses a very fast linear phase filter that exactly calculates the envelope of the signal at all times. There is no need to fuss with attack and decay settings to get acceptable results. When Threshold and Ratio are set properly, de-essing action will be completely transparent in most cases. All you will hear is less sibilance.

A “High Frequency Lift” control allows boosting levels in the sibilant range while controlling peak levels thus adding brightness to vocals, buses and masters. Limited-S features Mid, Side, Left or Right modes when used in stereo tracks and switches automatically for mono/stereo to minimize CPU load.

The plugin is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats, priced $34.95 USD ex. VAT where applicable. A free demo version is available from the Raising Jake Studios website.