Samples From Mars has announced the release of Linn60 From Mars, a limited run sample pack featuring the sounds of huge toms, early 80s cowbells, classic claps, fat snares, warm kicks, gritty rims, and more.

For this release, we’ve taken one of our favorite drum machines of all time (in fact, it’s the drum machine that started it all for Samples From Mars) and recorded it into one of our favorite samplers, the MPC60.

The original drum machine is composed of classic, 80s 8 bit percussion and sounds incredible. It’s such a big sound often it needs to be EQd to fit in a mix. Think: Human League, Prince, 80s Boogie, early hip hop, disco and more.

By sampling the machine through the MPC, we crunched the sound up even further through the 60’s 12bit converters, recording at different levels (some clipped, some not clipped). We also re-pitched every drum voice in the MPC, which lends its unique tuning / aliasing to the original drum machine sounds, giving them a completely new characteristic: gritty, punchy, and grainy.

Linn60 From Mars features

  • 1168 24bit WAV Linn60 Samples.
  • 8 pre-made 16x hit kits for instant jamming.
  • Classic 80s drum machine hits including: Bass Drum, Snare, Claps, Congas, Cabasa, Tambourine, Cowbell, and more.
  • All drums sampled and re-pitched extensively into the MPC60.
  • Clean versions of all sounds.
  • Additional hardware processing for punch, saturation and analog color.
  • Ableton includes (1) master drum rack containing all samples, and (8) pre-made kits racks.
  • Kontakt, Logic, Reason & Structure include: (15) individual hit instruments, and (2) kits instruments.
  • Maschine & Battery include: 8 pre-made kits.
  • MPC1000 & MPC2500 include: 8 pre-made kits on 2 MPC Programs.
  • 209 MB Unzipped.

Linn60 is on sale for $29 USD. This limited run pack is available only until August 31st, 2017, at 11:59 PM EST.

More information: Samples From Mars