Liquidclear experimental VST plug-ins for Windows

Liquidclear Tremoloid

Liquidclear has released a number of freeware VST instrument and effect plug-ins for Windows.

Since the original website is no longer available I will offer the plug-ins for download here, with kind permission of James of Symmetrical Castle / Liquidclear.

Note: All Liquidclear plugin(s) were created using SynthEdit and are for Windows only. You will need a VST host to use them.

Tremoloid is a simple but versatile plugin for creating tremolo-type effects using pure AM.

Liquidclear Tremoloid

Sounds range from classic 60’s tremolo to extreme FSU/Glitch goodness. Excellent for EPs and strings/pads. Stereo in/out.

Tremoloid Download size: 926.94 kB

Rectiplyer offers Extreme Octave Distortion for guitars.


Rectiplyer simultaneously ‘transposes’ the optionally distorted input signal both up and down 1 and 2 octaves.

The distorted/transposed signals can be blended together as well as individually panned. Huge nasty synth-like tones are had with ease.

Rectiplyer Download size: 1.08 MB

Klapp One is an analog-style hand clap sound generator (no samples used).

Klapp One

Klapp One Download size: 848.23 kB

Transilient is a versatile FSU/Glitch type multi-effect unit designed to make strange and unusual new sounds — yet still (hopefully) easy to use and control.


The 5 different effects can be modulated by one of two 16-step sequencers, a LFO, any WAV file, and/or manually controlled. Additionally, the modulators can be synced to your host’s tempo. You can easiliy turn a single sustained note or chord into an electronic drum loop. Or take an existing drum loop and turn it into something glitch-like and noisy.

Slower tempos work great for drone and ambient sounds. 16 presets are included to get you started.

Transilient Download size: 1.14 MB

Flux Interrupter… It’s a weird, glitchy, modulated delay with a built-in LP filter and a little something extra.

Flux Interrupter

James built it to obtain a certain sound for his own use, but maybe you’ll find some use for this plug as well.

Flux Interrupter sounds great on slower drums loops and monosynth sounds. 16 presets are included to get you started.

Flux Interrupter Download size: 932.17 kB

Check the free plugins page for more downloads.

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Great set. Can only imagine what the Rectiplyer and Transilient will do for Industrial styled vocals.

the arceologist
the arceologist

Unfortunately does not work with Sonar Producer 8.5 & windows 7 (64) same as Freeamp 3/2.5 (and those i really miss)
But I think this is due to Cakewalk as I have heard they do with other DAWs


they work in Sonar fine. what version do you run 64? 32?

Francisco C
Francisco C

I like Transilient. It’s shocking how many synths and effects, especially those built with Synthedit, use a sample oscillator for modulation. That was very inventive of the author. Good work! ;)


thanx for the DL i’ll spread the word bro.. Thanx again, havent tried em yet but still excited… 8)

Memotek7 gustan y lo mejor gratisss


how we setup this plugins after download?


They’re all VST effect plugins, except Klapp One is an instrument. You need a VST host to use these.


WOUAHOU ….. These liquid clear vst fx are some goodies, just tried transilient, and Man, what a vst, easy and fun to use, while at the same time so great in sounds with the possible of giving other colors and dimensions to a same sample, could nearly do a whole album with this FX only…Hope the guy behind this genial VST fx is still at work…Because he seems like he understood a great deal of efficiency and pleasurely playfull skills made simple.