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moving, image by yehwan @ Flickr

As I am preparing to relocate my family to a new house this March, the subject of “moving” has been on my mind a lot lately.

Moving is about putting things in motion. Besides the obvious physical aspect, there can be quite an emotional side to moving as well. Seemed like a suitable theme for a music production contest.

Most of you would probably join the contest for the fun of it, but it doesn’t hurt to have some nice prizes, right? I am pleased to say there are lots of goodies to be won this time around.

The following list is in no particular order (as winners each get to pick their choice from the prize pot, per the contest rules below).

Contest sponsors

Contest prizes

  • Three downloads of your choice from Wave Alchemy, the sound design outfit responsible for some of the best electronic drum sample libraries around.
  • DUNE, Synapse Audio‘s new flagship “differential unison engine” synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. A copy of the slightly older yet still venerable and duly popular Hydra multi-model synth is also on offer.
  • $500 USD store credit at Soniccouture, the established company behind many unusual & unique sample libraries such as Glass Works, The Skiddaw Stones, Balinese Gamelan, (Xtended) Piano, and the upcoming Ondes Martenot.
  • Berlin-based Cableguys contributes a total of 4 prizes from its exciting line of audio plug-ins. Single licenses for Curve, FilterShaper 2 & VolumeShaper 2, plus the complete Cableguys Bundle.
  • A two year all-inclusive subscription account at DNR Collaborative, which gives access to the entire product catalog + 2 years worth of new products. On top of that three randomly picked contestants will receive a Transitions Bundle.

Yes, that’s no less than 12 prizes to be won!

Although this is not a sample remix contest I still made sample pack for those who enjoy working with loops. The download includes 24 .wav samples (24bit), both melodic and beats. You can preview & download individual files from the SoundCloud player below, or download the complete pack below.

Moving contest sample pack Download size: 47.92 MB

Please make sure to read the contest rules below carefully. Good luck, and have fun!

The contest deadline is set to April 3rd.

Contest rules

  • Compose a song with the following theme: “Moving”.
    There are no specific rules on how to incorporate the theme, be creative.
  • Your entry must be written specifically for this contest.
  • A free sample pack is available to download for those who enjoy working with samples. Use of these samples is not required. You may process/manipulate the sample(s) in any way you like.
  • Upload your entry to SoundCloud and share it to the contest group before April 3, 2011, 11.59pm CET. One entry per contestant allowed.
  • Confirm your entry by email (no longer accepting entries)
  • In order to be eligible to win, contestants are required to vote for their top 5 within a week after the contest deadline. Contestants will be contacted to submit their votes. Note: you cannot vote for your own entry.
  • Winners choose a prize from the prize pool in order of placement (1st place winner picks first, then 2nd, etc.). All prizes are granted at the discretion of Some prizes may be subject to specific conditions imposed by the sponsor (e.g. NFR licenses).

The terms of this contest are subject to change and may be amended without prior notice.

The results

From a total of 55 submitted entries the top 10 voted tracks are:

  1. 3ee – Transit 1983 (score of 57 from 17 votes)
  2. Crystal Craft – Inner Me (score of 52 from 15 votes)
  3. Noizefield – go far away (score of 45 from 14 votes)
  4. _jackie – Magic Wheels (score of 33 from 9 votes)
  5. DuncanMackay – Disaster (score of 31 from 11 votes)
  6. Nkurence – nori hyvn (score of 27 from 10 votes)
  7. Elektronicguitars – relocator (score of 27 from 9 votes)
  8. Jonas the plugexpert – poekie (score of 23 from 8 votes)
  9. Sion – Analog movement (Original mix) (score of 23 from 7 votes)
  10. KlangKind – Moving (score of 22 from 7 votes)

Congratulations to 3ee for winning the contest! Winners will be contacted regarding their prize soon. The three randomly picked winners of the Transitions Bundles from DNR Collaborative are Max Lunau, Pumaman, and Diego G.

Well done everyone, thanks for taking part and hope to see again at the next contest!


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OMG!!! Awesome Prizes. Good luck with your move.

phdgs vn chfhn
phdgs vn chfhn

most lovely.

count me in as i just moved to a new flat :)

contestpage seems screwed!
“Oops, looks like we can’t find that page!”


I am in! I’ve had the wonderful experience of riding a husky sledge in Lappia, so enough inspiration on this theme :)


Most anticipated music production contest this month! :hihi:
Finishing some stuff and can’t wait to get started with this one!
Greatings to everyone! :)


Nuff said…I’m moving to another country next year,so I’m in and as always good to hear from you Ron.

Paul Compton
Paul Compton

Cool, Ronnie, I’ll work on a track when I get a new computer in a few weeks here. I’ll be using BooTweak, of course, perfect for giving movements to sounds! :)


track almost finished :)


Really nice samples you provided. Will see what I can come up with :)


I am inspired!
Coincidentally, I am also moving soon because one of the roomies has turned crackhead.
Not warez crack, but like, crack crack…


Great samples, but any chance at 1-shots of some of those? I usually just try to rip 1-shots out of the melodies but can be pretty tricky.

Just a suggestion!

Noah Smith (NonFiltered)
Noah Smith (NonFiltered)

Thank you so much. In a world dominated by “remix” contests it’s refreshing to just create an original tune organically. I appreciate what you’re doing here. Cheers, and good luck with your move.


Word… I am down and ready to have fun… It’s been awhile for me, but I am ready… April 3rd…?!?!


I’m definitely contributing to this contest. Very nice indeed!

Stephen Keller
Stephen Keller

This sounds like a cool contest. I’m in!

Could someone help me with a question that just stroke me?
I was thinking about using a piano line I heard in a movie. I want to sample that small 5second part of movie and use the audio. Is that a legal thing?
I’ve heard samples from various places (other songs, movies, tv shows…) in a lot of songs, but never thought how they managed it from a legal point of view..


Awesome competition – tune nearly finished and looking forward to taking part shortly!


”The contest deadline is set to April 3rd.” Eh … might be a good time to make a start so. I’ll see what I can do.