Loopmasters has released two new expansion packs for its Khords virtual instrument.

Cloud Waves comes with 50 new waveforms and 100 presets for the Khords plugin.

Loopmasters Cloud Waves for Khords

Cloud Waves is a collection of 50 heavenly synth sounds, designed to expand the Khords factory sound bank with rich chords and stabs perfect for designing your own dusty pads, dreamy atmospherics and dramatic stabs.

The raw sounds are smooth and lush and are the perfect complement to the Khords factory sound bank.

Cloud Waves includes:

  • 50 waveforms: 20 Major Feel Chords, 20 Minor feel Chords and 10 Root or Open Note Chords.
  • 42 Pad Presets.
  • 22 Atmospheric Presets.
  • 20 Stab Presets.
  • 16 SFX Presets.

Drum & Bass Aurora features a collection of 53 high quality chord samples designed especially for Drum and Bass producers.

Loopmasters Drum & Bass Aurora for Khords

If you are looking to expand your Khords library bank with energetic pads, intricate soundscapes, punchy stabs and sweeping fx then this expansion should be on your wish list.

The Collection also features 100 expertly crafted and expressive presets for instant gratification. Enhance your Khords with Drum & Bass Aurora today!

Drum & Bass Aurora includes:

  • 53 waveforms: 3 Major Pads, 2 Major Stabs, 1 Major Glissando Stab, 8 Minor Pads, 4 Minor Stabs, 2 Minor Glissando Stabs, 10 Open Chord Pads, 9 Soundscapes, 8 Open Chord Stab FX, 6 Open Chord Stabs.
  • 40 Pad Presets.
  • 12 Soundscape Presets.
  • 41 Stab Presets.
  • 4 Strum Presets.

For users of the Bass Master instrument, Loopmasters has also launched two new expansions.

Techno Pulse comes with 53 deep, dark and chunky bass tones designed specifically to work within Techno productions.

Loopmasters Techno Pulse for Bass Master

The raw samples are intentionally driven and crunchy here so expect plenty of harmonic bite for the Bass Masters filters to get their teeth into.

Sculpt your own precise and punchy Techno bass or use one of the 100 expertly crafted thumping bass presets for instant inspiration. If you Make Techno we have you covered!

Techno Pulse includes:

  • 53 waveforms: 7 Distorted Tones, 6 FM Sounds, 5 Noisey Sounds, 4 Punchy Basses, 14 Soft Pulses, 17 Deep Subs.
  • 28 Swaggy Presets.
  • 24 Low Presets.
  • 23 Mid Basses.
  • 12 Harsh Presets.
  • 8 Modulated Presets.
  • 5 Percussive Basses.

Lastly, Future Bass brings 63 fat and funky bass tones to the Bass Master instrument.

Loopmasters Future Bass for Bass Master

The raw samples are rich and diverse and cover all the main sounds you would expect to find in Future Bass productions including huge subs, fuzzy synths, punchy kicks, pleasant plucks and mad SFX to layer into your bass sounds. The Collection also features 100 expertly crafted and expressive bass presets for instant gratification.

Future Bass includes:

  • 63 waveforms: 5 High Sounds, 18 Low Sounds, 17 Mid Sounds, 17 Percussive Sounds, 3 Simple Sounds, 3 Sub Sounds.
  • 7 Simple Presets.
  • 6 Sub Presets.
  • 6 Swaggy Presets.
  • 16 Low Presets.
  • 28 Mid Presets.
  • 14 Harsh Presets.
  • 3 Smooth Presets.
  • 8 Modulated Presets.
  • 12 Percussive Presets.

The expansion packs are available from Plugin Boutique for $19 USD each.

More information: Loopmasters