Zenhiser Extreme Sub Booms

Loopmasters has released Extreme Sub Booms, a collection of samples by Zenhiser.

Every studio worldwide will have a selection of sub fx but every once in a while we need a new selection of sub booms to give our productions that little bit of sparkle and fullness. With this in mind we created ‘Extreme Sub Booms’.

125 brand spanking new sub booms and drops that will fit perfectly in your music productions. Designed from the ground up these sub booms and boom fx will push your speakers to their maximum and deliver that low end goodness. Be careful with your studio speakers and cans as these sub booms are really friggin subby and need to be treated with care!

Extreme Sub Booms is available to purchase for £8.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Extreme Sub Booms