Loopmasters Rise: Push Button Bang SFX

Loopmasters has released Rise: Push Button Bang SFX, a unique collection of exotic noise special effects to create tension and release in your audio productions and Ableton sets.

One shared concept in modern dance music is the building of tension through the use of differing types of atonal noise. Rise provides a sound pallette of 540 ultra modern noise sfx ,which can be mixed together however you wish, to generate dynamic movement in your audio.

Whizzing, exploding, collapsing and ascending, all can be used collaboratively or individually, creating intricate and motionful cresendos, breaks or transitions with drag and drop simplicity.

Rise is the easy way to form complex noise elements and is guranteed to add new dimensions of energy and movement to your audio productions.

Rise: Push Button Bang SFX features

  • ZIP (main) Pack:
    • 700 MB WAV content.
    • 540 Exotic Noise SFX: 70 Bang FX, 55 Climbers, 20 Cymbal FX, 40 Doppler FX, 40 Drop-downs, 60 Fader FX, 60 Multiple Movements, 65 Seamless Noise FX Loops, 120 Transitional Elements.
  • Ableton Live 7+ Pack:
    • 540 Clip Versions
    • 540 Simpler-based Rise racks
    • 20 Multi-mix Sampler FX racks
    • 10 Second-stage FX Processors

Rise: Push Button Bang SFX is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Rise