Loopmasters Silicon Sounds

Loopmasters has introduced Silicon Sounds, a sound fx sample library.

Are you designing or coding up a website, film, animation, game or digital product and need sounds custom designed for your menus, layouts and Fx?

Loopmasters are proud to present Silicon Sounds; the digital media, audio and web design sonic construction kit.

This unique sample collection is a one stop shop for digital creators, animators and video editors and anyone needing royalty free multimedia sounds to apply to their creative projects.

Silicon Sounds features

  • 150 MB of 24Bit quality samples created using vintage synths and analogue circuitry.
  • Includes 15 Alerts, 13 Button Presses, 7 Audio Beds, 21 Confirmation Arps, 7 End Session Sounds, 14 Error Noises, 9 Flicking Over Rolodex Hits, 25 SFX, 12 Landing Chords, 26 Marimba/Kalimba Sounds, 18 Movement Hits, 24 Rollovers, 6 Rotate Sounds, 44 Single Tones and 11 Wipe FX.
  • Each sound has been compressed, normalised and processed for subtle impact on laptops headphones and speaker systems in accordance with digital standards.

The sample pack is available to purchase for £34.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Silicon Sounds