Loopmasters releases Strictly R’n’B and Nu Groove R’n’B

eLAB Strictly RnB

Loopmasters has released Strictly R’n’B and Nu Groove R’n’B, two sample libraries by eLAB.

For those seeking the flavor of real R’n’B here is collection of swing and soul loops and samples. From the makers of the cult “Smokers Delight” comes a sample library that will cover all your R’n’B needs. The fat R’n’B breaks come in tempos from 60 to 100 BPM.

“Strictly R’n’B” comes in two formats – WAV and REX – and makes all loop content extremely easy to incorporate into most existing DAWs and sequencers. Both formats are available in the single ZIP file.

Strictly R’n’B features

  • 286Mb
  • 337 RnB Drum Loop Wavs
  • 337 Rex Files
  • 107 Bass Drum Hits
  • 196 Hi Hat Hits
  • 151 Snare Clap Hits

Strictly R’n’B is available to purchase for £29.95 GBP.

Nu Groove R’n’B

eLAB Nu Groove RnB

Tight and authentic programmed beats that range from laid-back hip hop style to funked-up grooves – with excellent quality throughout. From booming kicks to snappy snares and everything in between, it is a collection for the street-savvy producer with a nu-school slant.

A follow-up to the highly acclaimed Strictly RnB from the same stable, it packs high quality beats with variations and single-shot samples.

Nu Groove R’n’B features

  • 797MB
  • 78 Groove Kits including 675 Loops and hits
  • 108 Loop Tools Loops
  • 481 Rex Files
  • 28 Bass Drums
  • 21 Hi Hats
  • 77 Snare Drums

Nu Groove R’n’B is available to purchase for £39.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters

Samplitude Pro X4

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Cheddar man
Cheddar man

Strictly r&b is OLD GARBAGE! I bought this nonsense about 7-8 years ago from Guitar center! The drums and loops are not up to date with the current sound and samples being used today. Most of the drum samples are dance music drums and most of the loops use the same samples over and over.

If you want the R&B sound from the 90ties then maybe this package is for you!