Magix has announced version 11 of Samplitude and Sequoia at the MusikMesse.

Concerning sound, Samplitude is the uncontested leader of software packages in the deluxe class. We concentrated on our strengths like Hybrid Audio Engine, analytic DSP effects and object-oriented editing, without declining to enter into a new round of the DAWs arms race with innovations and improvements.

Samplitude 11 features

  • Complete – The production workflow in the areas of MIDI, audio quantization and others has been perfected, and managers have been integrated through design and docking.
  • New – Redeveloped starting from the basics using research done by program users, an “essential FX” suite has been created. It is a great help to all studio base applications, allowing resource savings at many levels; in addition, it is uniform in design and operation and offers a compact interface.
  • Genius – Signal editing has always been the core strength of Samplitude development. This team has developed artifact-free timestretching, the upward compressor as well as a new EQ with selectable minimum-phase or phase-linear algorithms.
  • Great – Without limitations (unlimited plug-in number and possible VSTi slots) and with integrated DSP, mastering and authoring standards, Samplitude 11 (standard) is a sequencer which delivers true value for your money.
  • Vandal inside – to make it really loud: „One Amp to rule them all … “

Sequoia 11 will have an improved workflow.

In the last months, we have placed the user and his or her typical, repeating tasks under the magnifying glass.

By raising the efficiency of day-to-day work, more concentration and space is left for creative processes at the end.

Sequoia 11 features

  • Multisynchronous cut (MuSyC) – After analyzing the audio material, all takes of the same content will be displayed one below the other and may be compared to each other without manual sliding with the cursor. A purely optical timestretching takes place, resulting in a synchronous representation on the waveforms.
  • AAF/OMF – Through AAF/OMF support, projects may be switched between various workstations (e.g. between image editing and audio postproduction) without any detours with additional software.
  • Video export – After dubbing a video, it is possible to export the finished audio mix complete with the video signal. This eliminates additional steps in video editing software.
  • Advanced user administration – Administrators may import and export program and system settings from Sequoia. This makes maintaining several systems within one network much easier and faster.
  • All new Samplitude features are also found in Sequoia 11.

A free upgrade will be available to anyone who purchases the full version or upgrade of Samplitude or Sequoia 10 during the period from February 1, 2009 until the release of the new version.

Visit the Samplitude website for more information.