Marcus Gungrud Zweeger 2.0 beta

Marcus Gungrud @ Parking B has released beta 1 of Zweeger 2.0, a modular extended MIDI filter and generator.

It works as a standalone tool or as a VST effect. It can be placed between any MIDI input, such as keyboards, and any tool that can be controlled by MIDI messages (effects, samplers, hardware, software…) It can also work without any input as a “simple” generator.

Changes in Zweeger 2.0 beta 1

  • Zip packaging replaced Rar packaging for Mac users,
  • Down to Java 5 for improved support of Mac OS X systems,
  • Icons and default ensemble were not properly loaded in some contexts,
  • Notes On with velocity 0 were causing errors,
  • New ensemble request on newly loaded and unmodified ensemble caused errors
  • Plugin is not handled correclty in Ableton Live.
  • Note Off generated by the Piano module are not properly handled by other modules. Eg: A delay will only delay the module’ Notes On and not the Notes Off.
  • A module Piano multiple-triggered by a another module (delay, filter, …) has trouble to get the right trigger’s values in case some of its parameters get their values from the received trigger.

You’ll need the Jave Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6.0 or higher to run Zweeger 2.0 beta.

Visit Marcus Gungrud @ Parking B for more information.