Marvin Pavilion Trokow

Marvin Pavilion has released Trokow, a freeware VST instrument for Windows.

Trokow is a Roland TR-808 style virtual analog percussion synthesizer.

Trokow v0.1 features

  • 7 sounds (Rimshot, Low conga, Mid conga, High conga, Claves, Maracas, and Cowbell).
  • 7 outputs.
  • MIDI CC support.

Marvin’s freeware drum virtual analog drum synthesizer plug-ins Tromine and Tromine Z have been updated to version 1.0.

Changes in Tromine / Tromine Z v1.0

  • Tromine: Minor sound changes for Hand clap and Crash cymbal.
  • Tromine Z: Minor sound changes for drum sounds without cymbals.
  • Fixed some other issues.

Trokow, Tromine and Tromine Z are available as freeware VST instrument plug-ins for Windows PC.

More information: Marvin Pavilion