MaximalSound has announced the launch of its online premastering service.

Now, most listening no longer passes thru the CD medium, and the file exchange is taking an increasing share. Many musicians and self-productions want to present their tracks in good conditions at the early stage of the demo without having to apologize for the poor perceived quality compared to commercial productions.

This service is dedicated to musicians and self-productions which have neither the desire nor the time to learn to adjust the “threshold of hysteresis in the compressor section of the multi-band processor”. The aggressive pricing allows to finalize a 3 minutes title for only 5 €.

MaximalSound proposes a quality “ready to wear” solution, and purchasing only occurs after try. Cherry on the top, the job is usually available in less than one hour. does no traditional mastering -indexing, editing, cleaning or fade in/out- but premastering which is only sound enhancement.

MaximalSound premastering service

  • State-of-the-art processing
  • Free sample for approval before purchase
  • Aggressive pricing policy based on the size of the processed files
  • The job is generally available in less than an hour

More information: MaximalSound