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Meatscience launches free Impulse Response Library

Meatscience Open Impulse Response Library

Meatscience has announced the launch of Irlibrary.org, a free impulse response library for users of all convolution reverbs.

Irlibrary.org is the first modern peer-contributed impulse response library on the net. We perform immediate server-side convolutions on all uploads with drum,vocal, and synth signals along with waveform analysis.

Create an account and upload IRs of your favorite spaces and gear, or download from our network. Free cross-platform open IR measurement tool coming soon making it easy to capture accurate, low noise mono/stereo impulse responses.

IR Library features

  • Free for users of ANY convolution reverb.
  • Easy to upload.
  • Supports WAVE/AIFF/SDII/FLAC (libsndfile).
  • Clean, attractive user interface.
  • Onsite playback of convolved IRs.
  • Coming soon : Batch upload / 4 Channel Support.

More information: Open Impulse Response Library

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