Meatscience launches free Impulse Response Library

Meatscience Open Impulse Response Library

Meatscience has announced the launch of, a free impulse response library for users of all convolution reverbs. is the first modern peer-contributed impulse response library on the net. We perform immediate server-side convolutions on all uploads with drum,vocal, and synth signals along with waveform analysis.

Create an account and upload IRs of your favorite spaces and gear, or download from our network. Free cross-platform open IR measurement tool coming soon making it easy to capture accurate, low noise mono/stereo impulse responses.

IR Library features

  • Free for users of ANY convolution reverb.
  • Easy to upload.
  • Supports WAVE/AIFF/SDII/FLAC (libsndfile).
  • Clean, attractive user interface.
  • Onsite playback of convolved IRs.
  • Coming soon : Batch upload / 4 Channel Support.

More information: Open Impulse Response Library

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Cheddar Man
Cheddar Man

Warning!!! I would avoid this site as it appears to be a possible nuisance to your computer. My anti virus program detected and removed what apparently is a threat [pdmsetup.exe] Drive-by download?… which happened while downloading a couple of impulse files. I’m not 100% it came from this site, but, it certainly happened while I was on it! My system starting running slow right before my A.V. notified me of the threat. I can pretty much tell when a virus is likely doing evil because my browser starts acting sluggish and the hour-glass appears for a bit and of course… Read more »


Dear Cheddar Man : I can speak on behalf of the developers of the IR Library that there could be no way for a malicious .exe to be attached to our SHA encrypted download links. We take all uploads and perform waveform analysis and file confirmation before creating a secure, permanent link. All site dev was performed on MAC/LINUX systems with no chance of any malicious windows executables entering our dev chain. What you may be experiencing is a bug in IE or malware you have on your system/browser. I am currently disabling the Library for users of IE as… Read more »

Cheddar Man
Cheddar Man

Thanks for the response. I did state I wasn’t certain about it. It’s so many ways for sites and servers to be tampered with that even the Government has fallen victim to hackers using exploits at various times. I don’t think there is such a thing as “no way” when talking about the internet and criminals.

Actually I’m using the latest updated version of Firefox and don’t use IE.

The audio examples of the Impulses sound pretty good and the site seems promising. Hopefully, it was just coincidental.