MidiKarval Midi Drawbars

MidiKarval has released Midi Drawbars, a VST midi processor aimed to dramatically change the sound of your VST instruments the same way in which the Hammond organ’s drawbars change the sound of a pure sine wave.

Each drawbar adds to the note(s) you play another note at a specified interval, whose velocity ratio to the note(s) you play depends on how much you pull out the drawbar.

Midi Drawbars features

  • Midi Drawbars comes with some drawbars settings, but you can create your own settings and save them in each one of the 128 memories.
  • Moving the “Original/Drawbars” switch it’s always possible to compare the original sound with the modified one.
  • Nine sliders, or knobs of a MIDI keyboard, set to send CC messages #12 to 20, can be used to move the drawbars and a button sending CC message #21 can be used to move the “Original/Drawbars” switch.

Midi Drawbars is available to purchase VST plug-in for Windows PC, priced at 10 EUR. A demo version is fully functional for a 15 minutes period of time (It then expires and you have to remove and re-load it in your host to use it again).

More information: MidiKarval / Midi Drawbars