Midikatapult has released version 1.12 of Katapult, a very flexible mapping application for the Novation Launchpad.

It allows you to map customisable multipage-layouts to the Launchpad and send the MIDI output to any application or device. It also supports bi-directional communication, meaning that your software can update the controls on the Launchpad surface.

Changes in Katapult v1.12

  • Added new control: CC output
  • Added new control: Raw note
  • Added new control: Drumrack
  • Added new control: Keyboard shortcut
  • Added ability to customise send channels
  • Added ability to reload layouts on the fly
  • Documentation updated

Katapult is available to purchase for Windows and Mac, priced at $23.95 USD.

Visit Katapult for more information.