MidiWorks javaDAW

MidiWorks has released version 1.2 of javaDAW, a Java sequencer for playing and manipulating MIDI files.

JavaDAW can be used without a license, it is just a “fun” project to test the boundaries of java and music. javaDAW is completely build in Java and uses the VST plugin and ASIO solutions of Martin Roth. This means most common VST plugins and ASIO drivers can be used.

In javaDAW you may create MIDI clips and add midi notes to each clip with a (double) click of your mouse. Insert a Midi track, assign a VST Plugin to a track (F3) and hit the play button (space bar) after insert a midi file of course. You can also create and import audio clips.

Changes in javaDAW v1.2

  • Recording wav file is now put in the project wav directory instead of resource directory.
  • JavaDAW had a problem starting up when no ASIO driver is available. Starts up with default java audio engine.
  • Deleting audio clips ended up in a mess.
  • Step mode added as a function key (S key).
  • Disable control panel added (F8 key).
  • Has been tested under Windows 7 now (XP performs better).
  • Adjusts the application size to smaller screens.

javaDAW is available as a free download for Windows PC.

More information: MidiWorks