has released Back Stage Vocals and EQ ONE, two freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

Back Stage Vocals is a one-shot VST plug-in that pre-mixes your vocal track, taking care of harsh frequencies and creating space to make it easier for your vocals to sit perfectly inside the mix.

Back Stage Vocals combines moderate equalization, early reflections, stereo widening, and very subtle harmonics into one little plug-in, freeing your chain so you can add more effects and further audio level compression. This free vst plugin takes care of the easy but tidious task of prepping the vocals so you can go straight ahead to audio compression and other effects.

Back Stage Vocals features

  • Automatically targets and EQ’s “hot spots” in the frequency spectrum.
  • Creates space relative to the ‘upfrontness’ of the vocals using early reflections.
  • Air or ‘breathiness’ control introduces subtle non-sibilant high frequency harmonics to the signal to add clarity.
  • Automatically removes low rumbles, humming and boomness.
  • Stereo effect.
  • Gain adjustment.
  • 6db boost (useful when bypassing effects).
  • Note: Stereo widening only works on Stereo Vocal Tracks. If you use the stereo effect on a mono recording, you will get a chorus effect.

EQ ONE is an equalizer plug-in which allows you to adjusts certain characteristics of the sound instead of individual/octave frequencies.

Intended for those who need to get their mix done fast and clean but want to have a lot of control over the sound, Back Stage EQ ONE packs eight controls for adjusting certain characteristics of the sound such as depth, warmth, body, clarity, presence, brightness, punch, and space.

Back Stage EQ ONE features

  • Eight controls for adjusting characteristics of the sound.
  • 4-band Stereo Effect.
  • Send level adjustment.
  • Note: Stereo widening only works on stereo tracks.

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