SoundsDivine has recently released The Joy Of Sound, its first collection of sounds for ACE, the virtual modular synthesizer plug-in by U-He.

This bank contains 130 new sounds for U-He’s ACE, featuring punchy basses, overdriven analogue style sequences, modular mayhem, oriental instruments and deep rich pads. Most patches use modwheel and velocity assignments to make the sounds as expressive as possible.

Here’s a video of me running through the presets.

So what do I think?

Product: The Joy Of Sound by SoundsDivine
Format: ACE native format (.h2p)
Price: $25 USD

I think I know why Simon of SoudsDivine named this soundset The Joy Of Sound. With its wonderful set of features and exceptional sound quality ACE is a true joy to work with. I can only imagine that it must be a delight for sound designers to create patches with this modular synth.

These 130 patches for ACE include many well designed creative and unique sounds. Great use of modwheel as well (documented in the info panel of each patch).

The range of sounds is quite varied; I’d say there should be something for everyone. I wasn’t too fond of the bass section as some of those sounds were too experimental for my taste. The pads on the other hand are just my cup of tea, very inspiring.

Check out the sound demos on the Joy Of Sound product page and see what you think.

More information: SoundsDivine / The Joy Of Sound / ACE