Modern Beats RnB Klub Music Loops 2

Modern Beats has announced the release of RnB Klub Music Loops 2, a loop library modeled after today’s R&B club and radio hits.

This melodic construction-style loopset delivers 390+ music loops (700MB) derived from 20 multi-track themes. Each of the 20 multi-track music themes provides layered modern and classic R&B performances where each instrument is separated into its own loop file. Plus, all loops mix-match seamlessly together, allowing users to create hundreds of original multi-track music combinations with ease.

‘RnB Klub Music Loops 2’ includes a wide array of powerful radio R&B hooks and riffs for today’s serious R&B music producer. Years of music theory, keyboard performance technique, and musical dynamics have been poured into the music loops library, providing music producers with over 700MB of skilled performances.
‘RnB Klub Music Loops 2’ provides users with both style and sophistication with its upbeat arpeggios, soulful keyboard leads, and complex chord progressions.

‘RnB Klub Music Loops 2’ is organized into 2 popular Hip-Hop industry tempo groups and key signatures: 121bpm = Key of E major/minor and 127bpm = Key of G major/minor. The loop library features a sample accurate acidized WAV format for use with Acid Pro and all WAV format supporting music software.

RnB Klub Music Loops 2 is available to purchase as a download for $39.95 USD.

More information: Modern Beats / RnB Klub Music Loops 2