ModernBeats has released RnB Keyz Loops 1, a loopset featuring 400 RnB keyboard loops and hooks.

This intimate, stylish loopset faithfully captures the soul of RnB keyboard performances with its elegant chord progressions and bold musical phrasing.

RnB Keyz Loops 1 is organized into 5 popular RnB industry tempos: 64bpm, 69bpm, 74bpm, 79bpm, and 84bpm. Each tempo group contains 20 original loop themes including 4 variation loops within each theme.

Each tempo group features unique key signatures:

  • 64bpm = Key of D major/minor
  • 69bpm = Key of A major/minor
  • 74bpm = Key of C major/minor
  • 79bpm = Key of E major/minor
  • 84bpm = Key of G major/minor

With up to 4 variations for each keyboard theme included, users are able to create music productions that feature more desirable, longer evolving musical phrases. Start building professional RnB hits quickly with access to 4 variations per theme, 5 popular RnB tempos, and 5 major/minor key signatures across the entire loopset.

RnB Keyz Loops 1 is available as download and on cd, and costs $59.95 USD.

Visit ModernBeats for more information and mp3 demos.