MrTheBigMan E|Loops XL01

MrTheBigMan has released E|Loops XL01, a collection of free loops.

After wetting everyones appetite with the loops given away for free in E|Drums Mini Vol 2, I decided to start getting some new sounds together to use in my next set of records as well as in my next set of sample downloads.

I received quite a lot of things over the Christmas period that quite frankly, can be beaten with a stick.

E|Loops XL01 features

  • Full Mix Loops – 86 loops recorded at 120bpm – 219.5mb.
  • Kick & Snare – 144 loops recorded at 120bpm – 196.6mb.
  • Hats & Toms – 137 loops recorded at 120bpm – 213.3mb.
  • Tom FX & Found Sounds – 90 loops recorded at 120bpm – 158.1mb.
  • Total – 457 loops @ 787.5mb.

E|Loops XL01 is a free download from MrTheBigMan.

More information: Multiples