Muse Research & Development Receptor 2+

Muse Research & Development has announced that its RECEPTOR 2 line of Hardware Plug-in Players has been upgraded to deliver even more impressive performance over its predecessors.

“We’re pleased to offer even more power and disk space to our customers with the RECEPTOR 2 + line,” comments Bryan Lanser, VP of Marketing for Muse Research. “All of this power and storage coupled with the unique RECEPTOR host software environment ensures that the RECEPTOR 2 + line has no equal when it comes to running virtual instruments and effects.”

Included in the refresh is an increase in the RECEPTOR 2 storage capacity from 320GB to 750GB, an increase in the processing power of the RECEPTOR 2 PRO and in increase in its storage capacity to 1 TB, and a significant upgrade to the RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX to the fastest processor in its class and a 50% increase in storage capacity to 1.5TB.

Receptor 2 hardware

  • RECEPTOR 2+: The RECEPTOR 2+ is an even better deal than before thanks to the increase in drive size from 320GB to 750GB – the same size as the previous PRO model. As with all RECEPTOR 2 products, the RECEPTOR 2 + includes the Plugsound BOX collection included at no charge, and adds the Alchemy Player as well.
  • RECEPTOR 2+ PRO: The RECEPTOR 2+ PRO has an upgraded 3GHz processor, and now comes with a 1TB drive.
  • RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX: The top-of-the-line RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX sees a 50% increase in drive capacity and a 10% increase in processing speed (now 3.3 GHz) – resulting in as many as 100 extra voices with which to make music.

These units are available now, and the prices remain the same on all three models at $1699, $2599, and $3199 US MAP respectively.

More information: Muse Research & Development