Mutagene 2WarpDelay

Mutagene has released a Mac only beta version 1.5 of 2WarpDelay, a feedback delay featuring 2 frequency-warped lattice filters in the feedback paths.

I started porting 2WarpDelay to the Mac (x86)/AudioUnit form over a year ago, and haven’t really made any changes in nearly the past year, during which time I have since upgraded to Leopard. Rather then just let it set there, I figure I might as well upload it.

Changes in 2WarpDelay v1.5 (Mac only)

  • Uses PNG as its native format, not BMPs (eventually this may find its way to the Windows version).
  • WLPC mode is implemented, but not the cryptic bandpass filter mode.

2WarpDelay v1.5 is available for Mac OSX (Intel only) as a freeware effect plug-in (v1.2 for Windows is still available as well).

Visit Mutagene for more information.